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Aves - artigos

2024 - Dos Santos et al - Similar breeding performance despite inter-annual differences in diet composition of seabirds inhabiting a tropical environment.
2023 - M. de L. Brooke et al - Raso Lark Studies 1-15 November 2022 on Raso & 9-17 March 2023 on Santa Luzia, with suggested protocols for future censuses.
2022 - Dos Santos et al - Sexual segregation in the foraging distribution, behaviour, and trophic niche of the endemic Boyd’s shearwater (Pufnus lherminieri boydi)
2022 - Pereira et al - Foraging costs drive within-colony spatial segregation in shearwaters from two contrasting environments in the North Atlantic Ocean
2021 - Alho et al - Characterization of an extinct seabird colony on the island of Santa Luzia (Cabo Verde) and its potential for future recolonizations
2021 - Almeida et al - Year-round at-sea distribution and trophic resources partitioning between two sympatric Sulids in the tropical Atlantic
2021 - Rocha - Estudo comparativo da Avifauna na Reserva Marinha de Santa Luzia
2020 - Palma et al - Twenty years later: updating the status of the osprey Pandion haliaetus in the Cabo Verde Islands, West Africa
2020 - Rodrigues et al - Translocation test of Cabo Verde shearwater Calonectris edwardsii on Raso Islet
2020 - Cerveira et al - Inter-annual changes in oceanic conditions drives spatial and trophic consistency of a tropical marine predator
2020 - Semedo et al - Distribution, abundance, and on-land threats to Cabo Verde seabirds
2019 - Freitas et al - Cabo Verde Egyptian Vulture Neophron percnopterus on the brink: community perceptions, inferences and facts of an extreme population crash
2019 - Artigo UNIPALAVRA - UniCV, Biosfera, DNA
2019 - Catelene Rocha Monteiro - Ecología trófica de la comunidad de aves marinas de Cabo Verde
2018 - Ramos et al - Variation in ocean conditions affects chick growth, trophic ecology, and foraging range in Cape Verde Shearwater
2017 - Santos et al - Analysis of population size and distribution of Phaeton aethereus (Linnaeus, 1758) on Raso Islet, Cabo Verde
2015 -Jan Veen e Wim Mullié - Manual de Terreno Para a Monitorização de Aves Marinhas na África Ocidental
2015 - Paiva et al - The Foraging Ecology of the Endangered Cape Verde Shearwater, a Sentinel Species for Marine Conservation off West Africa
2014 - Cornelis J. Hazevoet - Eighth report on birds from the Cape Verde Islands, including records of nine taxa new to the archipelago
2014 - Rodrigues & Tavares - First breeding records of black-winged stilt Himantopus himantopus (Linnaeus, 1758) in the island of Maio
2013 - Oliveira et al - Possible breeding of Cape Verde storm-petrel Oceanodroma jabejabe (Bocage, 1875) on Santa Luzia, Cape Verde Islands
2012 - Cornelis J. Hazevoet - Seventh report on birds from the Cape Verde Islands, including records of nine taxa new to the archipelago
2010 - Cornelis J. Hazevoet - Sixth report on birds from the Cape Verde Islands, including records of 25 taxa new to the archipelago
2003 - Donald et al - Status ecology behaviour and conservation of Raso lark - Alauda razae