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Blue Flag

The Blue Flag is a symbol of quality, an award that is given annually to beaches, marinas and operators of sustainable tourism vessels that apply and that meet a set of criteria of an environmental nature, safety and comfort of beach users with objective of raising the level of awareness of…

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Protect sea turtles

In Santa Luzia, sea turtle poaching was common practice and in order to prevent adults from being killed and nests destroyed by fishermen, in 2011 the Biosphere started monitoring work on the only nesting species on the island, the Common Turtle (Caretta caretta). Since that time, the campaign runs annually between June…

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BYCATCH - Stop the deaths now!

Industrial fisheries generate accidental / secondary catches, that is, catches of non-target species (the so-called bycatch) such as turtles, sea birds, sharks and cetaceans, as well as species of fish or other animals with no commercial value (eg starfish) sea, sponges, fish below the minimum size). Cape Verdean waters are home to many of these more emblematic species, some of which are migratory that…

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ECOSTAR – Artists and seabirds 2018 – 2019

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Biosphere Carnival 2019

The Biosphere has been fighting for the preservation of seabirds in Cape Verde for a long time, taking advantage of every opportunity to better publicize the conservation problems of these species. Lectures have already been given at schools and also exhibitions depicting the reality of seabirds in our archipelago, but so far none of them have had…

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Biosphere Exhibitions

Itinerant Exhibition Tubarões e Raias de Cabo Verde, 2021 This project depends not only on conservation and research campaigns, but also on a strong awareness-raising component where 2 videos and posters were produced about the target species and the importance of conservation projects of existing species, to carry out a traveling exhibition in schools of …

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Fishing communities

Biosfera holds workshops in fishing communities. As part of the strategic communication plan linked to the area of awareness and environmental education, Biosfera holds some Workshops, targeting the fishing communities of São Vicente (Calhau, Salamansa and São Pedro) and Santo Antão (Cruzinha, Ponta do Sol and Tarrafal de Monte Trigo). These workshops …

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Cagarra Edu – Seabirds Stand

Stand Cagarra EDU gains a new format. Seabirds were well represented in São Vicente thanks to Stand Cagarra Edu! The Stand is a kiosk in the shape of a shearwater. At the Stand, environmental awareness campaigns are carried out with educational and fun games about the seabirds of Cape Verde where the …

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