Blue Flag

Blue Flag

The Blue Flag is a symbol of quality, an award that is given annually to beaches, marinas and operators of sustainable tourism vessels that apply and that meet a set of criteria of an environmental nature, safety and comfort of beach users with aim of raising awareness among citizens and decision makers.

The Program is an initiative of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) which started in France in 1985 and has been developed on other continents since 2001, currently becoming a global phenomenon.

A blue flag beach means, among other things, that it is a clean beach with good water quality, equipped with garbage containers, sanitary facilities, good accessibility, supervised by lifeguards, first aid equipment and with information and environmental education activities.

The program challenges high standards of management in some categories like:

  • Environmental education and information;
  • Water quality;
  • Environmental management;
  • Security and services.


In all, 32 requirements are necessary for a beach to have international certification / to raise the Blue Flag.

Project title Cape Verde Blue Flag Design
Duration 2018 - 2023 (5 Years)
Technical partners CMSal, NGO Biodiversity Project, Maritime and Port Agency, Águas de Ponta Preta and other partners (marinas, hotel units, etc.).
Financial partners Cape Verde Chamber of Tourism, Cape Verde Government, through the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Ministry of Tourism and Transport, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Environment / DNA

Since December 2017, the Biosphere has been an official member and national operator of FEE programs in Cape Verde.

Cape Verde, as a tourist destination, has invested in the national and international recognition of its beaches, incorporating sustainability criteria and guaranteeing a quality seal to the services and products offered to visitors.

So the Santa Maria beach, one of the seven wonders of Cape Verde for its natural beauty and tourist potential, was chosen as pilot project, although the objective and desire of this project is in the medium term to include other national beaches in this internationally recognized seal of quality.

Obtaining the Blue Flag is a major responsibility that must be translated into changes in behavior and responsible management. Raising the flag is only the beginning of this process of change.



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