Fishing communities

Fishing communities

Biosfera holds workshops in fishing communities.

As part of the strategic communication plan linked to the area of awareness and environmental education, some Workshops were held, with the target audience of the fishing communities of São Vicente: Calhau, Salamansa and São Pedro.

These workshops aim to sensitize these communities to the importance of conservation, preservation of birds in Cape Verde, as well as the need to ensure the sustainability of marine species, as well as combat marine pollution.
Several themes were addressed, and they were linked to seabirds, sea turtles, sharks and cape verde rays, the problem of unwanted fishing for these species (bycatch), the importance of sustainable fishing, taking into account the minimum catch size and closed season.
This made it possible to share experience both from the fishermen's side as well as from the Biosphere team, and in the end it was delivered kits of first aid to each representative of the vessels and certificates to all participants.

Over the years, Biosphere has been providing training to fishing communities in which children and young people are also involved. In this sense, we held English and French courses, at a basic level, for students from these communities, whose intention was to help them communicate with foreign people, in addition to improving their day-to-day practices. Training was also given in the areas of project preparation and funding requests; financial management and organization to improve your small business and your personal finances.

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