ALCYON – Preserve Seabirds

ALCYON – Preserve Seabirds

The ALCYON project aims to fill the profound lack of basic knowledge about the ecology of seabirds in Cape Verde.

In reality, the distribution as well as the number of breeding seabirds in the Cape Verde archipelago is still not well documented. In addition, there is little information available on theoenology the areas of food and diets of most species during the breeding period as well as outside this period, especially the smaller ones and the threats they face.

Title of project Promote the conservation of seabirds in Cape Verde
Target species llllllllllllllllllllllll Cape Verde sea birds
Duration January 2020 - September 2022
Partners technical National Directorate for the Environment (DNA), Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA), University of Cape Verde, University of Barcelona (Spain), University of Coimbra (Portugal), Other national NGOs (Vitó Project,, Amigos de Calhau, Lantuna ..)
Financial partners dddddddddddddddd Program ALCYON - BirdLife
The project therefore aims to

Get an overview of the location of seabird colonies of the archipelago:

  • Determine the population size, through censuses of individuals in the incubation phase and / or by capture-recapture of ringed birds;
  • Map the eating areas used by sea birds, as well as identifying important marine areas (marine IBAs), by the use of GPS devices in all species and in the most representative nesting colonies;
  • Identify the composition of the diet for each species of seabird, through its isotopic component, or by the latest generation of DNA sequencing, thus evaluating its dependence on commercial fish species;
  • Map fishing zones and determining their overlap with seabird feeding areas, as an essential tool to assess the potential risk of by-catch;
  • Promote the scientific output of the project, by supervising PhD and Master's students and enabling them to undertake future independent research studies;
  • Ensure that Biosphere technicians acquire the skills necessary to carry out seabird conservation actions after the end of the project;
  • Raise awareness among the population of Cape Verde for the conservation of seabirds;
  • Develop an action and management plan for each species of seabird in Cape Verde.



Shearwaters - Poacher to Savior, (Shearwaters - From poachers to rescuers) - Sea Shepherd (November 2014)
Brigitte Bardot and the Capeverde Shearwaters, (Brigitte and the Cape Cagarras) - Sea Shepherd (July 2014)

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