ECOSTAR – Artists and seabirds 2018 – 2019

ECOSTAR – Artists and seabirds 2018 – 2019

“ECOSTAR” the project - documentary in which Cape Verdean artists / sportsmen lend their image to the environmental cause. Several artists / sportsmen accepted the challenge of sensitizing their followers on the conservation of seabirds through small documentaries made on the Raso islet.

The guests, together with technicians from the Biosphere, are filmed to develop field work, such as weighing, measuring or observing a sea bird and talking about the ways of protecting these species and the threats they face throughout their life in Cape Verde. In this way, the artist / sportsman becomes the godfather of the chosen bird.

These documentaries have the great partnership of Television of Cape Verde (TCV), which being the largest national communication company, immediately made itself available to show our documentaries in prime time.

Artists and “STAR” seabirds
  • The debut was in charge of the Cape Verdean musician, Djodje, who sponsored the seabird Caterpillar (Calonectris edwardsii).
  • THE 2nd episode was the responsibility of the digital influencer, Nadine Fortes with ours Junco's Tail (Phaeton aethereus).
  • At the 3rd episode we escaped the rule and highlighted the Giant Gecko (Tarentola gigas) at Ilhéu Raso, with the help of bodyboarder Jason Mascarenhas.
  • To 4th episode, we went to Fogo Island and we have the singer Neuza de Pina with the bird Gongon / Biorn (Pterodroma feae).
  • THE 5th episode was marked by the sea bird Alcatraz (Sula leucogaster) and for the special participation of the musician Mick Lima.
  • To close this season, we invited the environmentalist and co-founder of our NGO, Jose Melo, to take stock of our association Biosfera from a personal perspective.


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