Biosphere Exhibitions

Biosphere Exhibitions

Cape Verde Sharks and Rays Traveling Exhibition, 2021

This project depends not only on conservation and research campaigns, but also on a strong awareness-raising component, where 2 videos and posters were produced about the target species and the importance of conservation projects for existing species, to carry out a traveling exhibition in the schools in São Vicente, Santo Antão and possibly São Nicolau and also for social spaces on the islands.

The exhibition has already been present in 2 secondary schools in São Vicente, covering a large part of the island's students. It was also present at the Gare Marítima de Porto Novo (Santo Antão Island) and then moved on to other municipalities on the island as well as to fishing areas, namely the community of Ponta do Sol, which depend heavily on fishing activity.



Cape Verde Sea Birds Traveling Exhibition

Unlike the 2014 exhibition, this one was dedicated to the theme of Cape Verde sea birds. Currently underway and entitled “Seabirds of Cape Verde” the exhibition is a real sample of the species that can be found on the various islands. Those who visit can learn more about their ecology, the threats they face, the curiosities and the uncertain future they face. The main objective of the exhibition was to appeal to its conservation and protection and to a gradual change in attitudes. It premiered at the Santa Maria Museum and Cultural Center on the island of Sal on August 1, 2018 and remained for about 3 months, with visits from several primary and secondary school students, local NGOs and tourists. This same exhibition followed a trip to the island of Fogo where it will remain until September 2019 under the scope of the Vitó Project, which can be found at Funco in Chã das Caldeiras. He will later head to the city of Praia where he will be exposed in the space of the University of Cape Verde.


Biosfera 1, inaugurated the exhibition “Aves Marinhas de Cabo Verde”, at Centro Cultural de Santa Maria - Reporting by RTC (August 2018)



“Santa Luzia, Branco e Raso, a mosaic of Cape Verde's original heritage” at the People's Palace, Mindelo, São Vicente, 2014

In this exhibition, the Biosphere revealed a part of the Desertas islands and their biodiversity to those who were never able or able to visit them live. There, everyone had the opportunity to get to know the particularities of the island of Santa Luzia, the islet Branco and Raso, as well as all the existing biodiversity, from land to sea. The exhibition was full of posters, models, banners, videos, stuffed animals and sculptures, all in the hope of recreating the reality of this island and its islanders as faithfully as possible.



Video - Exhibition S. Luzia, Branco e Raso a mosaic of the original heritage of C. Verde opened in S.Vicente - Reportage by TCV (July 2017)

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