Biosphere Carnival 2019

Biosphere Carnival 2019

The Biosphere has been fighting for the preservation of seabirds in Cape Verde for a long time, taking advantage of every opportunity to better publicize the conservation problems of these species. Lectures have already been given at schools and also exhibitions portraying the reality of seabirds in our archipelago, but so far none of them have had the reach and so many spectators as at the Carnival of Mindelo.

For the first time, in 2019, Biosphere made Carnival history, placing our seabirds at the center of the euphoria, music, dance and color of Mindelo, the most famous carnival destination in Africa, which for many is on a par with Brazil's famous carnival . In this carnival, Biosfera was the main sponsor of the carnival group “Estrelas do Mar”. The Biosphere team and its volunteers, paraded in seabird costumes Cape Verde, being the highlight of the front commission during the group's parade.

All costumes were designed by Biosfera designer Nathalie Melo alluding to specific characteristics of each species. As the group passed, one could hear them singing at the top of their lungs, "Gongon where Rób D'junco?" (Gongon where is Rabo-de-Junco?), chorus of the song titled Gongon/Biorn (Pterodroma feae), one of Cape Verde's endemic seabirds, threatened with extinction and found in the most mountainous islands.

This activity was only possible thanks to the support of the MAVA Foundation, BirdLife International and CV Telecom in the scope of the project “Program Alcyon - promoting the conservation of seabirds in Cape Verde”.


Biosphere on the front line at the Carnival of São Vicente
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