Protected Marine Areas

Protected Marine Areas

The creation of marine protected areas is a conservation mechanism where areas with high ecological value are partially or fully protected.

Due to the overexploitation of marine resources at local, national and international levels, these protected areas are essential areas for restoring biodiversity stocks and avoiding ecological, economic and social collapse.
Cape Verde has 22 Marine Protected Areas (AMP), but most of them still do not have Management Plans and even fewer have approved plans and are in the implementation phase.
Biosphere is committed to a strategy of co-management of these areas, where communities that depend on their resources become an essential element and interested party in the protection of protected areas.
Biosphere is currently working on the creation and management of three protected areas:

  • Protected Marine Area of the Community of Calhau, São Vicente Island, 10.43 Km2

Initiate the creation and co-management of the Community Marine Protected Area with and for the fishing community.
Create a “New Blue” ecotourism business to observe underwater fauna.
Area presentation  Watch video.

  • Marine Protected Ocean Area, 30,000 Km2

The objective is to ensure the protection of a large biological corridor (involving different habitats such as Sea-Mounts, Abyssal Plains, Slope Streams and Ocean Reefs). For this first step, we are leading a submarine ecological inventory, in collaboration with the Instituto do Mar, the Atlantic Technical Unversity, the University-Piaget do Mindelo and international scientists.

  • Protected Marine Area of Cruzinha, Santo Antão Island, 125 Km2

This AMP is official, but without a management plan. Biosfera is supporting the consultation with fishing communities to propose a community management plan to the government (a similar process was carried out for the MPA of Calhau). An important component of this plan is to integrate the community into new forms of sustainable income, such as ecotourism and the enhancement of artisanal fishery products).

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