Cagarra Edu – Seabirds Stand

Cagarra Edu – Seabirds Stand

Stand Cagarra EDU gains a new format.

Seabirds were well represented in São Vicente thanks to Stand Cagarra Edu! The Stand is a kiosk in the shape of a shearwater.

Environmental awareness campaigns are carried out at the Stand with educational and fun games about Cape Verde's sea birds where children learn to play. The Stand has already gone through all the Juninas parties, was present on Children's Day, at the “Kavala Fresk” festival and Laginha beach already had its participation to liven up the Children's and Youth's Day.

If you visit the stand you will find:

  • Traditional games: memory game (cards), rooster game, throwing a ring over pins in the shape of seabirds, and also throwing a ball over bottles with images of seabirds, promoting spontaneous knowledge about the species of Cape Verde.
  • Mini-exhibition: banners, materials and photographs of the Biosfera estate, publicizing all the work developed so far by this NGO. After a visit, a quiz challenge regarding the content learned.
  • Children's and youth educational space: the activities of this space refer essentially to the involvement of the population with birds and sea turtles, through drawings for coloring, maps and identification of their colonies.


We will continue to present the new stand in other places and make available to our children new games to be entertained and learn, in a very dynamic way, more about Cape Verde's Seabirds.

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