Sea turtles

Sea turtles

Protecting sea turtles is one of the important missions of the Biosphere, which every year carry out activities in communities and in primary and secondary schools to raise awareness of the youngest about the need to preserve sea turtles, ensuring that they have safety on the beaches during the nesting.

Thus, framed in this strategy, we produce spots radio, banners and signboards with useful information and care to be taken into account when visiting the nesting beaches of sea turtles during the spawning season.

In 2020, the SOS turtle number (800 1234 Green Line), an anonymous toll-free number so that any citizen can report illegal activity they are witnessing against sea turtles. The disclosure of this number can be found, among other places, at Cesária Évora airport, at the Cabotagem Pier in São Vicente, in municipal markets, as well as on signboards about the nesting of Turtles placed by Biosphere on the main beaches of São Vicente .

Also to make the population increasingly aware of information about the species and aware of the problem of garbage on beaches, a 3D turtle mural with a shell filled with plastic waste (collected from beach cleaning) was built and placed in front of the pier (in São Vicente).

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