Unfortunately, not causing great empathy on the part of the general public, all species of terrestrial reptiles that occur in Cape Verde only exist here and nowhere else in the world, forming part of a unique and irreplaceable natural heritage.

The great lack of interest, repudiation or even fear fostered by ancient beliefs, leads these species to be generally persecuted by Man, and that because they are not charismatic, they are forgotten and actions aimed at their conservation are not promoted. For this reason, it is essential to educate and sensitize the public to recognize them as an integral and fundamental part of ecosystems and to fall in love with these harmless reptiles and actively protect them.

Various aspects of its ecology, biology and population trends are largely unknown, information that is essential for the implementation of targeted and effective management and conservation measures for each species.

If it is in your interest to develop some scientific work with any of these species, the Biosphere can provide all logistical support to work in the field. For more information, please contact the Biosphere via email geral@biosfera1.com

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