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For efficient help, it is imperative to take some precautions:

  • Use a towel to cover and grab an injured seabird;
  • Never grab them by the wings, but for the whole body;
  • Transport them in closed cardboard boxes and with ventilation holes;
  • Keep them warm and in a calm and / or quiet place;
  • If the animal is agitated place it in a dark place to help reassure you;
  • Ideally keep contact to a minimum;
  • Never feed seabirds, because the animal is under stress and can cause choking;
  • Never give water to a sea bird! They do not drink water, because they take it directly from the fish they eat;
  • For successful recovery, it is important to contact the Biosphere as soon as possible (+238 231 79 29)!
Sea turtles

If you come across a lost animal, trapped in rocks, in nets and even injured, it is important to have the following precautions in mind:

  • Keep it protected from the sun, or if not possible, cover it with a damp cloth (a towel), or soak it frequently with sea water;
  • If apparently healthy, you should try to return it to the sea as soon as possible;
  • If you find it entangled in a fishing net (or other material) but without injuries, use a knife or other sharp material to gently release it;
  • If the animal is injured, you can immediately contact the Green Line SOS Tartaruga São Vicente 800-1234 or through the following contacts: National Police (132); the Maritime Police (+238 2326475, 9919173-Commander Pedro Lopes); Instituto do Mar (IMAR) ex. INDP (9579500, 9525281-Biologist Sandra Correia) and / or the Biosphere (+238 231 79 29).
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