Stanger's gecko Chioninia stangeri

Stanger's Gecko is easily distinguishable from the other species of reptiles from the Desertas Islands by its dorsal pattern with two light streaks on a brown background and dark spots with white spots.

  • Estatuto de conservação
    Conservation status

    Almost Threatened

  • Habitat

    Sandy and rocky areas

  • Distribuição

    Santa Luzia Island, São Vicente and Branco e Raso islets

  • Tamanho


  • Peso


In addition to the Desertas (Santa Luzia, Branco and Raso), it also occurs on the island of São Vicente, mostly in areas below 250 meters. Is daytime species which is distributed over shrub and rocky areas, although it prefers sandy areas with dune vegetation. It is omnivorous, with invertebrates being a substantial part of their diet. Like other Desertas reptiles, much is unknown about its ecology, such as if you are oviparous (if you lay eggs), ovoviviparous or even viviparous (gives birth to live chicks). Introduced predators, especially mice, are a threat to Stager's Gecko, as they are a substantial part of their diet and are vulnerable to extreme drought phenomena, enhanced by climate change. On the island of São Vicente, this species is particularly preyed upon by domestic and stray cats and the recent introduction of an exotic species of lizard (Agama agama) is very potentially a new threat to Stanger's Lizard, as it is known to feed on endemic lizards. The population (conservative) estimate made for this species points to the existence of at least 1000 herds.

Curiosity: Genetically, the population of Lagartixa de Stanger das Desertas is different from that of São Vicente. As two different evolutionary units, future management measures should take this aspect into account for better conservation and preservation of the genetic diversity of the species.

The work of the Biosphere

The Biosphere has been promoting and logistically supporting all scientific and conservation work aimed at the Desertas reptile species, to learn more about them and the best way to protect them. There is currently no work going on specifically targeting Stanger's Gecko.

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